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Discgolf in Skien fritidspark

The growing popularity of the game of disc golf begins with the essentail fact that throwing a flying disc with power and accuracy is a marvelous sensation.

Disc golf is a recreational sports for everyone, regardless of age, gender, or ability.

Why to play disc golf
- you will constantly bli challenged,
- the social nature of the game,
- the good physical and mental conditioning,
- it is inexpensive to play 

How do I play disc golf
The objective of the game is to traverse a course from beginning to end in the fewest number of throws of the disc. Each consecutive throw is made from where the disc came to rest after the last throw. Score is determined by counting the number of throws made on each hole plus penalty throws and then summing holes. The winner is the player who completes the course with the lowest score.

The course consists of a series of holes laid out so that when a player completes one hole he or she proceeds to the beginning of the next until all the holes have been played. The player is provided with a teeing area from which to begin each hole and a target to complete the hole.

The disc golf course
Disc golf courses are normally laid out among wooden areas with diverse terrain to provide natural obstacles to the flight of the disc. These natural obstacles are very much a part of the game and must be altered by the players in any way to decrease the difficulty of a hole. Disc golf courses are normally 18 holes in length, but there are other combinations as well including the 27 hole course that you find in Skien fritidspark.

Source: VisitGrenland AS


Discgolf in Skien fritidspark

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