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DNT Jakobselet mountain lodge

Jakobselet is a lodge just a few hundre meters from Reindalseter. It's over 100 years old and belonged to Jakobgarden, which now lies under water in Zakariasdammen.

The lodge was set up in the mid 1800s and was the first acommodation opportunity in Reindalen for travelers.

There are 7 beds, a common area with a living room and fireplace, as well as a kitchen nook with a gas cooker. There is no electricity and you'll have to get water from the river close by.

The lodge is locked with a DNT standard key, which you either can get from Reindalseter (in season) or at Spar Valldal.

Source: Ålesund & Sunnmøre


DNT Jakobselet mountain lodge

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