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DNT Runde Lighthouse - Accommodation

Runde lighthouse is located on Kvalneset at the northwestern tip of the famous bird island Runde. It is one of 80 protected lighthouses in Norway and is part of the coastal joint collaboration between DNT, Forbundet Kysten and others.

It is the newest lighthouse keeper's home at the lighthouse station, which has been converted into a self-catering cabin with 24 beds in two rooms with 6 beds, two with four beds, one bed under the stairs and 3 beds in the "attic". In addition we have a cot.

The lighthouse was put into operation in 1767 as the sixth lighthouse in Norway after Lindesnes, and the first north of Stadt. For 235 years, the lighthouse then had a staff of lighthouse keepers, assistants, wives, children, governesses, servants and livestock. The staffing was naturally reduced as technology allowed. In September 2002, the lighthouse was automated, and lighthouse keeper Arne Velsvik packed his things for the last time at Runde lighthouse. But as it is called in the song: People need houses and houses need people at all times, so the Norwegian Coastal Administration and DNT Sunnmøre have after the automation entered into an agreement to use the newest lighthouse keeper's home at the facility as a self-service tourist cabin.

The lighthouse buildings and the lighthouse area are protected in accordance with the Cultural Heritage Act.

Source: Ålesund & Sunnmøre


DNT Runde Lighthouse - Accommodation

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