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Dog sledding adventure daytime – Excl. transport

Drive your own dog sled through snowy terrain, surrounded by the Arctic mountain landscape!

Note! This option does not include bus transportation. Please arrive at Tamokhuset at 10:50 (am).

At Tamokhuset, you will be divided in two groups. In preparation for the dog sledding activity, the first group will be outfitted with the essential gear including thermal suits, boots, and gloves, ensuring comfort and warmth for the adventure ahead. After preparations and necessary instructions on how to steer the sled, they will set off on their dog sledding adventure. 

Meanwhile, the other group will go for a visit to the dog yard, enjoy a hot meal and drink, while listening to some fascinating facts about our huskies. After some relaxing time at the camp, they will get outfitted with the essential gear and receive necessary instructions as well for their upcoming dog sledding adventure! 

When the first group has arrived back from their sled ride, both groups will switch places. Now it is time for the other group to set off on their adventure while the first group gets to relax at the camp with a hot meal and drinks, visit the dog yard and learn more about our huskies. When the second group has returned from their sledding adventure, it will be time to say goodbye to the huskies and go home with memories of a lifetime.

About your dog sledding activity 

You will pair up with another guest, with two of you sharing one sled. One takes on the role of musher, guiding the team of energetic huskies through the snowy terrain, while the other enjoys the ride seated on the sled. Halfway, you will have the chance to switch roles, allowing each person to experience both the thrill of leading a team of huskies and the joy of being a passenger. 

This dog sledding ride has been carefully created as an activity accessible for most of you. Although you will need basic physical fitness walking around on snowy terrain and assisting the dogs on pushing the sled, the terrain is quite flat and open making the sledding comfortable and easy. 

Tour duration: 3,5 hours

Meeting time and place: 10:50 (am) at Tamokhuset, Skiferveien 80, 9334 Øverbygd

Difficulty level: Medium

Good to know:

  • To drive your own dogsled requires strength and fitness and a good physical condition is necessary to participate: Some parts of the trail can be covered with a fresh layer of snow or go uphill which means in both cases you will have to help the dogs to push the sled. The trail can be narrow and have sharp bends, which requires a good balance to steer the sled. 
  • Since you will be sharing the sled with another person it is required for both of you to meet these requirements when swapping places halfway the tour. 
  • Our guides are entitled to deny drivers and passengers to join this tour out of health and safety reason.

Safety Requirements:

  • Minimum age: 7 y/o
  • When making a booking for a child, please kindly always inform us of the age, as our guides will then be able to prepare accordingly.  
  • Please note that each child must be accompanied by an adult. 
  • Pregnant people are not allowed to participate in this tour. 
  • Weight limit: 120kg

Dietary Requirements:

  • Food allergies of dietary restrictions: please inform us upon booking this tour.
  • If no notice is given in advance, an extra fee of 150 NOK will be charged on spot 

Included in tour:

  • Thermal suit
  • Boots, mittens and hat
  • English-speaking guide(s)
  • Toilet on the location
  • Drive your own dog sled
  • Hot meal and drinks 

Bring with you: 

  • Weather-appropriate clothing in layers
  • Scarf
  • Goggles (optional)

Source: Visit Tromsø-Region


Dog sledding adventure daytime – Excl. transport

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