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DripFiske - Best of both worlds


This is the most optimal fishing experience we can offer, we combine the products: "Deepwater fishing and fishing in the Fjærlandsfjord" into one package.

Deepwater fishing:

We’ve been fishing in Balestrand for years, on the deepest section of the world’s deepest fjord—as deep as the mountains are high. If you stare out over the fjord, you might wonder: What landscapes lie hidden beneath the surface? What strange creatures live in this world? Drop your line with us, and you may meet one of them! You’ll let your line run out and out and out and out—between 200 and 500 meters below the surface.

Here there’s no light, no plants. Sound travels slower. It’s an underwater desert. The only light comes from your flashing bait, illuminating a fresh, bleeding mackerel. It’s irresistible to the bulging, light-hungry eyes of the fish down here. If a one takes the bait, you’ll have to do some real work to get it to the surface (or we’re happy to help).


Do you want to see more of this fantastic fjord, while fishing for one of the most beautiful species found on this earth? Then a fishingtrip in the Fjærlandsfjord is exactly what you are looking for!

In addition to deep-sea fishing, angeling for sea trout is the very meaning of life for us. We have spent countless hours looking for the big trout lurking on the shore along the steep mountain sides. Join us, and we will teach you everything we know about sea trout fishing, and if you are lucky, you will also experience the sea's Formula1-car at the end of the fishing line!

We want to keep a calm pace where you get to experience the silence from the Sognefjord, at the same time as there is always the possibility that the fish hits the hook.

Feel free to bring photo-equipment, the surroundings on this trip are fantastic, and in addition to fishing, there is often a bustling wildlife around the boat, so there is a good chance to see both Porpoises, Sea Eagles, Otters and other exciting species!

Fixed price of NOK 4800.

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Additional information

In an open boat, you get close to the elements. We have a high focus on safety and ensure a comfortable trip. In its entirety, the trip takes 4,5 hours, and we have daily depatures throughout the summer.

Source: Visit Sognefjord AS


DripFiske - Best of both worlds


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