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Easy hike to the stone carvings and Steinsholmen

Map and practical details
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- Grading: Simple
- Length: 2 kilometers
- Duration About 1 hour, each way
- Season: March - May

This walk is possible to carry out during the spring while the water level in lke Mjøsa remains low. To get to the starting point, turn towards Moelv from E6 and cross road 76. After 180 metres turn right  on road 213, Storgata, and drive South util you can park by Mjøsa Pizza dnd Restaurant.
...Or just type "Storgata 183, 2390 Moelv" on your GPS, that's probably easier... :)

South of Moelv by lake Mjøsa you will find both stone carvings and the remaining ruins of a fort from the 13th century. Again, make sure to make the trip during the spring while it's still possible to cross over to the ruins while remaining dry.

From the parking spot by the restaurant in Moelv, go across the main road and follow a narrow path along the farmlands.after about 100 meters you will reach an information board that tells about the local geology and fauna. Keep following the path past Moelv water skiing club until you reach the lake.

Down by the lake, turn left and follow the shoreline until the path goes back into the woods. It may be slightly difficult to see the path at this point, but you are aiming for a few large birches, keep a slight left after passing the birches. After 300 metres you arrive at the stone carvings, they are carved into a big boulder about 30 metres from lake Mjøsa and sports a total of 16 identifiable animal figures.

If the water level is low, you will be able to make the trip complete by walking across the rocks to Steinsholmen. At this little spot in the lake lies the 18x20 meter ruins of a monumental fort. The fort, which goes by the name "Mjøskastellet", was established by Håkon IV Håkonsson. Mjøskastellet's strategic location at the narrowest part of the lake signals that it most likely was raised to control the traffic on the lake. The first mentioning of Mjøskastellet comes from a letter written in year 1234 as well as in the saga of Håkon Håkonsson from the 1260's. Wandering around the ruins tends to be a clear success for the children.

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​​​​​​This trip is imported from and made by Hamar and Hedemarken Turistforening.
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Source: Visit Innlandet


Easy hike to the stone carvings and Steinsholmen

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