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Eggenipa is with its distinctive character, one of the most photographed mountain formations in Sogn og Fjordane. With its pointed shape, the mountain has become an icon for photographers and people hiking. The mountain ravages 1338 m, and the ups and downs are large and majestic. Views, magnificent scenery, high altitude meters and lactic acid are experiences you want on the trip.

Seen from Byrkjelo, the freestanding Eggenipa rises majestically at the entrance of the Våtedalen. The hike up to the summit is actually easier than it looks. The hike starts from Øvredalen. You reach Øvredalen on a toll road from Egge, 3 km south of Byrkjelo. You will find a marked trail all the way to the summit. It will take appr. 2 ½ hours to the top.

Source: Nordfjord



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