Eidsivathing - The basis for our democracy and in 2022 we celebrate the 1000th anniversary right here at Eidsvoll and Eidsivatinget!

The basis for our democracy and in 2022 we celebrate the 1000th anniversary right here at Eidsvoll and Eidsivatinget!

Eidsivatinget was one of four regional settlements that together covered the whole of Norway from the Middle Ages. The task of things was to resolve conflicts in society and to use the law to judge fairly. The size of things varied over the years. At its largest, the Eidsivating includes the five "old" counties of Oppland, Hedmark, Akershus north of Oslo, Buskerud and Øvre Telemark (Numedal).

Eidsivatinget covered the entire Inland and much of Viken at its largest. Its twelve districts were then: Romerike, Ringerike, Land, Hadeland, Tverrdalene (Sigdal, Modum, Krødsherad), Øvre Telemark (with Numedal), Hedmark, Alvdalene (Østerdalen and parts of present-day Sweden (east to Särna)), Gudbrandsdalen, Lom , Lesja and Toten.

Olav 2. Haraldsson established the Eidsivating on Eid 17 June 1022. Eid, today Eidsvoll, had a strategic location as a hub for trade and transport. The waterways i.a. on Vorma and Mjøsa, were the «motorways» of the time, and at Eid there was a large harbor for boat traffic. The hollow road up to Tingvollen - Badebakken - today testifies to the centuries of traffic. At Tingvollen by Eidsvoll church, the meeting was held until about 1619/20. The parliament was held every year for a couple of weeks from Bottolvsmesse on June 17, and the king was usually present.

The establishment of Eidsivatinget in 1022 was of great importance for the development of the area and gave the place an identity that we want to promote.

The legacy of Olav the Holy has been an important factor in how the Norwegian rule of law developed through the Middle Ages and has left lasting traces in our own time. The people's rule of the Lagtings gave the people legislative and judicial power, which even the king had to abide by. It is difficult to imagine what society and everyday life would have been like in Norway without these values ​​and principles. The celebration of Eidsivatinget's millennium anniversary is thus, in addition to a celebration of a historical event, even more an important celebration and reminder of the basis of our legal culture and democracy. Knowledge of the past is important to give us a broader understanding of our societal values ​​today, and what kind of society we want to be a part of.

Last updated: 12/14/2022

Source: Visit Greater Oslo


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