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Eidsvoll Treeetop Huts


Unique accommodation near Oslo Airport Gardermoen

Eidsvoll Tretophytter are two architectural gems in Feiring, in the far north of the constitutional village of Eidsvoll.

The comfort from exclusive Scandinavian design and the cabins are new in 2024 and maintain a high standard with facilities such as electricity, heating cables, fireplace, fully equipped kitchen, bathroom with toilet and shower.

Here you can really log off all stress and log on to your resting heart rate. 

With us it is possible to meet nature in all its glory. Whether on foot, skis or snowshoes. From here you can head over to Hurdal and Toten, or enjoy the cultural landscape in the immediate area.  Whether you are an experienced or new hiker, the hills in Feiring have something to offer. Carsten Ankers Lysthus is not far away - nor is Skreikampen with a view over the entire lake Mjøsa and the surrounding areas.


Source: Visit Greater Oslo


Eidsvoll Treeetop Huts


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