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Vestre Toten


Fish species in Einafjorden: - Perch - Pike - Whitefish - Trout (300 young Trouts stocked in the lake every year) - Char. Fishing permitted from December 1 to September 15.

Einavatnet or Einafjorden in Vestre Toten is located  at 398 meters, and has a surface of 13.9 km².
Length 15 km, and the lake is at its deepest 56 meters.
Regulation Height 2.3 meters, and water flow at 2544 l/s

Tributaries of Einafjorden is Helgedalselva (Helgedal River) from the south, Skreppelva in southwest and Strømstad River in the Northwest. From Einafjorden, Hunnselva goes through some great fishing locations to Lake Mjøsa.

Fish species:
- Perch
- Pike
- Whitefish
- Trout (300 young Trouts stocked in the lake every year)
- Char

Fishing regulations and licences:
- Fishing permitted from December 1 to September 15.
- Fishing in the tributaries is permitted from the ice melts, till September 15th.
- Fishing licenses for anglers 17 years and older (younger anglers fish for free).
- NOTE: Bait fish from other waters and live bait fishing in general is not allowed!
- Check out specific rules for motor vessels on the lake here.

- Disinfection of equipment, read here.
- Licenses can be purchased here; Shell Eina, Lygnaseter, Eina Almenning and Gjøvikregionen Tourist Office.

You can also buy licences via sms, like this:

Enter the following: Code, Space, Name, Address, Postcode.
Code for day pass; SF145D1
Code Season tickets; SF145S1
Sample message: SF145S1 John Doe, address, 1234
Send your message to this number: +47 474 07 900

- Fishing with rod and line up, maximum 5 hooks.
- Max 4 rods per boat.
- Fishing with "oter" or any form of outrigger is not permitted.
- For net fishing fish contact the local fishing association.
- Minimum size of trout 25 cm.  Other species no minimum

Getting there:
Along the main road Route 4 from Oslo to Gjøvik, approx 90 km.  When you get to Eina, pass the gas station cross the river at the mouth of the bay on the northern end, and take the first left after 300 meters.  This is where you find the parking, and where boats are launched after having been disinfected.

Source: Visit Innlandet



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