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Electric Mini Camper van rental Rent an Electric Mini Camper Van in Bergen and visit western part of Norway. Start from Bergen, city and municipality in Vestland County, and visit Fjord, Mountain and Coast. Travel environmental friendly in our campervan with camping equipment, gas stove and cutleries. Bed for two people with bed linen, pillows and towels. Big drawers for storing food and personal belongings.

Go mountain walking and glacier hiking, kayak paddling, sky diving, fishing, surfing and many other action sports. Visit small villages along the fjord and coast. Visit local museum, festivals and other cultural events at the time you are having your holiday. Driving electric car is quiet and easy to drive with automatic standard gearbox. There is a network of many electric charging stations in Western Norway. Elcampervan electric cars are driving more than 200km before you need to recharge. If you prefer to spend the night in a campsite, there are many of them. If you prefer to stay overnight in the wild the right to roam allows camping most places. Just remember to take care to nature and follow the right to roam rules. Rental price: Euro 99
 Pickup/delivery Bergen or Selje - the coast of Nordfjord Season: May to Oktober.
 Age driver: 23.

Source: Nordfjord



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