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Elgtårnet - The moose tower in Espedalen

A unique experience with overnight stay in the world's only moose tower - "Elgtårnet".

Experience "Elgtårnet" - the moose tower in Espedalen, and enjoy a spectacular and unusual outdoor adventure! Stay the night in a 12-metre-high “moose tower” where you get close to nature and wildlife.

In the moose tower there is accommodation for 6 persons. In lounges with large windows, you get close to nature and the wildlife in a simple, yet spectacular, way without disturbing the animals.

The Moose tower forms part of Lillehammer and Gudbrandsdalen’s cultural concept "Into Norway - Home of Culture". Are you looking to experience and learn more about Norwegian culture, history, and food traditions on your journey? Maybe in combination with activities in beautiful surroundings? Would you like to stay in unique, historical settings at their most authentic, leaving you with lifelong memories? Find more inspiration at

Source: Visit Lillehammer


Elgtårnet - The moose tower in Espedalen

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