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Enjoy boat and bus from Rombaksbotn to Narvik

During the summer- and autumn season, there will be boat transport from Rombaksbotn to Sildvik and further by bus from Sildvik to Narvik.

The boat departs at 17.00 (and 19:00 on Saturdays in July) from the dock at Rombaksbotn. The boat ride also passes the shipwreck Georg Thiele from WW2, with the possibility of a brief stop to take pictures of the wreck. The boat trip from Rombaksbotn to Sildvik is a spectacular experience, with steep mountains plunging into the fjord with beautiful waterfalls that finds its way down to Rombaksfjord. The boat trip takes about 10-15 minutes, depending on weather conditions.

Hike across Norway or from Katterat on your own.

VY departure Narvik 10:30 arrives at Katterat kl. 11:08

VY departure Narvik 10:30 arrives at Bjørnfjell 11:18

Train ticket can be booked on


June - September on Fridays and Saturdays

Meeting point

Meeting point is at Rombaksbotn stone quay at 17.00


Boat trip takes about 10-15 minutes, Buss transport takes about 15-20 minutes

The bus stops at the Train Station, approximately at 18.30

Price pr. person

Adult NOK 1050

Children (4-10) NOK 700

Included in the price

Boat transport from Rombaksbotn to Sildvik, Buss transport from Sildvik to Narvik. Depending on the number of persons who has booked transport the type of boat can vary from RIB to a biger boat.

Must be booked 24hours before departure

Contact Kikki, phone 995 38 045 / for questions

Source: Visit Narvik AS


Enjoy boat and bus from Rombaksbotn to Narvik

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