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Eplet Bed & Apple Farm Shop

In beautiful Solvorn in Luster Eplet Bed & Apple s located which is a combined hostel and juice factory. During the summer and fall, they pick berries for the juice.

The guesthouse is situated in a fruit orchard. We pick apples, pears, raspberries, blaccurrant and blueberry, and press juice in the basement of Eplet Bed and Apple. You can buy our products in the reception shop, or in cafees and shops in the area and in Bergen.

During July and august we are picking raspberries in the Eplet garden. The are all pressed and turned into our very popular Raspberry Nectar.

In late august/ early september we go into the forests and pick hundreds of kilos of blueberries. This is real physical work, but a great experience for everybody. We often have guests joining us for a day or two.

When the weather is good in october the fruit pressing is a highlight of the year. We mix 3 different types of apples to make the best juice possible.

At Eplet Bed & Apple you can buy different kind of Jucie and Nectar in 0,33 bottles and 3 or 5 liter bag in box. 

Source: Visit Sognefjord AS


Eplet Bed & Apple Farm Shop

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