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Eventyrskogen (fairy tale forest) on Lepsøya

Eventyrskogen (fairytale forest) is a nice experience for the whole family. There's a lot to explore, so remember to have som extra time on your hand!

This is a walk out of the ordinary. On the path you'll see different figures both on ground level and in the trees. Passing 400 meters there's a fence with a ladder to climb over it. After 700 meters you can explore "Hulderbo". where there are clothes and kitchenware hanging from the trees. Maybe you can spot the creature who lives there? There's also a nice piknik spot nearby, with several benches and a hut to seek shelter from bad weather.

You should take this walk as a roundtrip as there is a lot to see. On the way you can visit the "Troll Cave" were you can try to call for the troll family. Then there's the Troll swamp with loads of small home made stone trolls. Everyone is welcome to bring their own! In this area you'll also find a large Troll chair and an outdoor library.

It's possible to borrow two row-boats, a grill and a grill cabin by Setsdemna if you want to spend more time here.

Parking by the graveyard, close to Prestegarden.

Remember to close the gate when entering Eventyrskogen, as there might be sheep grazing nearby. Also it's illegal to use open fire in Eventyrskogen, as well as disposable grills!

Source: Ålesund & Sunnmøre


Eventyrskogen (fairy tale forest) on Lepsøya

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