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Exhibition at Vemork " The heavy water saboteurs "

NIA LTR 0008

The exhibition presents the 11 saboters who participated in the action, what role and military degree they had and what they did after the action.

It will be placed in Café Vemork and the audience will be able to experience the saboteurs close by. 

Operation Gunnerside was a success. Under the leadership of fJoachim Rønneberg, the sabotagers managed to sneak into the heavy water fabric and blow out the heavy water system.

The sabotage who carried out the action on the night of February 28 left without being detected by German guards. No one was hurt and no life was lost. This action is one of the most famous sabotage actions of World War II.

Last updated: 01/02/2024

Source: Visitrjukan AS

Exhibition at Vemork " The heavy water saboteurs "

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