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Experience Svenner Lighthouse

Experience the natural wonders of Svenner. Vestfolds archipelago is a unique experience. Svernner lighthouse is located at the outskirts of a group of islands outside of Larvik, and is one of the most popular places for the locals. Svenner is a magical place in the summertime, and is perfect for a day full of swimming, crab fishing and sunbathing - all with a spectacular view. The islands is perfect to explore by foot, although it is somewhat challenging and difficult to reach because of the terrain.

The climate at Svenner is harsh and has a paculiar, botanical diveristy. The archipelago is of great importance for migrating small birds in the spring. A diversity of birds nest here in April-June. Bird life was preserved in 1935, and there are certain prohibitions on hunting and removing eggs. 

About the lighthouse
Svenner lighthouse and its buildings were preserved in 1997 and accessible to the public. The lighthouse is one of 37 selected cultural environments with regional and national conservation value in Vestfold.

The lighthouse is located on the island of Korpekollen in the archipelago of Svenner about two nautical miles from the coastline, and was first lit in 1874. The original tower, which was square and made of stone, was built by prisoners from Akershus fortress. The lighthouse keeper "Steinhuset" which was erected at the same time is still there. Today's cast iron tower was built in 1900, along with new housing and outbuildings. The tower is 18.7 meters high and the top extends over 40 meters above sea level.

The history of Svenner is much older than the lighthouse. From the Middle Ages, Svenner has been an important port for local fishermen and other seafarers.. At the beginning of 1790 a fixed pilot was stationed at Svenner. Ulabrand, Anders Jacob Johansen from Ula in Vestfold, was one of the nautical pilots who had their base here. The lighthouse has not been staffed since late 2002 and was automated in 2003.

Svenner marina
Svenner is a popular port, especially among the locals. Even though the harbor at Svenner is gentle, you should not travel in and out of the port when there is a lot of wind. You can enter Svenner at both the Nordbogen, Røvika and in Fyrhavna. There are great mooring opportunities along the mountain or along the pier, and good anchorage in the sandy bottom. 

Boat transport in the summer season, or contact Stavern Dykkersenter tel. +47 92842833 / Taxiboat Vestfold for transportation and taxi boat. 

Gatherings and accommodation at Svenner Lighthouse
The beautiful stone house is today open to anyone who wants a special night in the lighthouse. It is arranged for rental of the boathouse (max. 30 persons) and with the possibility of accommodation through Svenner Fyr Kysled. There are 19 beds in 6 bedrooms in Steinhuset. Overnight guests must bring their own duvet / sleeping bag as well as food and drinking water. The kitchen has cooking facilities and necessary equipment. The buildings have, through many years of voluntary efforts, been put on hold with members from the coastal teams, housekeeping and with financial support from, among others, the Coastal Administration and the Sparebankstiftelsen.

Information and booking can be found at Svenner Info.

There is outdoor toilets in the area

Last updated: 03/19/2024

Source: Visit Vestfold

Experience Svenner Lighthouse

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