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Join us on a unique journey through arctic history, culture and traditions, a tribute to the rich maritime history of the Arctic cod fishery. Hear, see, feel, smell, and taste the tale of the Arctic cod fishery. Explore 5 floors filled with displays about Sea Sami culture, Northern Lights, and arctic seafarer’s legacy. This activity offers an unforgettable mix of storytelling, tasting experiences, and insight into Northern Norwegian and arctic culture.

Your journey:

1st floor: Guided taste experience – the cod fisheries trilogy

The adventure begins at the ground floor where you meet our guide and storyteller who will lead you through an exciting taste and storytelling experience. This experience is a journey through the history of the Arctic cod fishery, presented through 3 tasty elements:

•Cod roe/caviar: Experience this exquisite traditional delicacy while enjoying a delicious portion of smoked cod roe. Understand the origin of cod roe up to the rich occurrence of cod in the Barents Sea.

•Cod: Taste the traditional journey from cod and further into its transformation to stockfish, this is a culinary time travel through history and culture. An adventurous tasting experience that captures the essence of traditional flavours of cod and stockfish.

•Cod liver oil: Immerse yourself in the history of cod liver oil, a cornerstone of Arctic nutrition. Experience the taste and learn about its lasting significance for Arctic society and how Peter Møller developed the steam method for extracting cod liver oil from cod liver.

3rd floor: Sea Sami and Northern Lights exhibition

Step into the unique world of the sea Sami people. Explore their culture, traditions and heritage through an engaging exhibition. Gain a deeper understanding of their connection to the sea and the Arctic environment. Walking through this unique engaging exhibition leads you to our great Northern Lights gallery, take the time to immerse yourself in the amazing photographs of the Aurora Borealis taken by renowned photographers such as Ole Salomonsen, Truls Iversen and Per Ivar Somby. Their exceptional talent has captured the enchanting dance of the Northern Lights, which paint the heavenly canvas with vibrant colors and ethereal patterns. Don't miss this opportunity to experience the inspiring Northern Lights exhibition in conjunction with the Sea Sami cultural experience.

4th floor: Sea farer’s exhibition

Continue to the next floor and embark on a journey through the maritime history of sailors who braved the northern and Arctic waters. Experience the Arctic seamens history come to life through exhibitions of historic vessels, maritime artifacts and interactive exhibits collected by local enthusiasts.

Exploration and dining: After this adventurous journey, you'll have the freedom to explore our museum floors as much as you like. Dive deeper into maritime history, connect with the heritage of the sea Sami and the importance of seafaring history to coastal society, continue your journey to a culinary adventure with historical flair in our restaurant, or enjoy a drink in our Northern Lights bar.

The world's northernmost coastal museum:

Our museum proudly present as "The world's northernmost coastal museum", bringing Arctic history, culture and heritage to life. Understand the unique stories of the Sea Sami people and the fearless seafarers who navigated these northern waters.

Book your experience: get your tickets today and embark on a journey in tribute to the legacy of Arctic cod fishery. Experience history, culture, and flavors in a unique combination.

Included: Guide, tasting experience and access to 3 exhibitions

Number of participants: 4 – 40

Level of difficulty: Easy

Departure time and place: Every day 5:00 PM (17:00) Søndre Tollbodgate 3 (Tromsø)

Duration: 60 minutes

Last updated: 12/01/2023

Source: Visit Tromsø-Region

Experience The "Full Steam Storytelling Package.»

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