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Experience the Tinn communities

Experience the beautiful communities of Tinn where you will get a taste of Norwegian crafts, traditional food and cultural heritage.

Day 1: Dale – Tinn Austbygd

Dale – Mæl RV 37 10 km

Mæl – Atrå RV 364 3 km

Atrå – Gøystdalvegen 3 km

Atrå – Tinn Austbygd RV 364 5,5 km

The Mår Power Plant

At Dale you can join a guided tour of the Mår Power Plant, which is one of Statskraft five showcase power plants. Free tours every day during the summer. 

Then follow the rv 37 for approximately 10 km to Mæl, take the right-hand exit across the bridge and visit the Mæl Station.

The Mæl Station

At the Mæl Station you can join a guided tour of the DF Ammonia. It is the sister ship to DF Hydro that was sunk during the Second World War, and is today the world's only remaining steam-driven train ferry.

Grab a quick bite to eat at the Tinnsjø Inn before you return across the bridge, and take to the right towards Atrå. Follow the ”Tinnsjøstranda” rv 364 to Atrå. The entire road runs along the Tinn lake. In Atrå you will find the Tinn Craft Centre, a sales exhibition of local craft products.


If it is a warm summer day and you would rather spend your time in beautiful nature, we recommend a swim in the Røyslandsbergo. It is a polished rock formation that is popular as a place for bathing and sunbathing in the summer. You will also see how nature has made slides and potholes.

You will find Røyslandsbergo by taking the left-hand exit at the Atrå Church. There are signs towards Røyslandsbergo.

After bathing, return to Atrå, and follow the rv 364 in the direction of Tinn Austbygd.


In Tinn Austbygd you will find a big, family-friendly camping ground,Sandviken Camping, with several rental cabins. There are excellent fishing opportunities, beach, playground, mini golf and a volleyball court.

Day 2 Tinn Austbygd – Tessungdalen

Centre of Austbygde – Skirvedalen

Skirvedalen - Lurheim

Lurheim – Tessungdalen FV 755 13 km

Tessungdalen – Imingfjell FV 755 18 km

Øyan Hiking Area

If you are holidaying with children, start the day with a short hike around Øyan. It is a very child-friendly area, with little "tasks" along the trail.

Start either at the camping ground, or park the car at the parking area in the centre of Øyan, next to the bank.


In Tinn Austbygd you will find a very special shop: TinnBua. We highly recommend a visit. The shop is located on a farm and has everything from locally produced foods, clothing to interior decorations. There is also a great view of Tinn Austbygd from the farm.

You will find TinnBua by driving from Sandviken Camping up the Austbygd hills towards Hovin. At the second turn, take the left-hand exit with the sign to TinnBua. Follow the signs and you will be surprised by the shop that has "something sweet, something salty, and something for everyone".

If you continue past TinnBua, you will arrive at the exit towards Veggli and Skirvedalen. If you follow the road for approximately 10 km you will arrive at Håvardsrud Seterliv.

This is an old mountain farm that has kept its authentic Norwegian traditions. Here you can buy farm products to enjoy during the rest of the car ride, or you can stop for a meal, or help out with the farm animals.

Lure Cultural Heritage Site

After the visit, return by the same route. After approximately 10 km you will arrive at a very sharp turn. Follow the signs towards Tessungdalen. When you arrive on the fv 755, take the right-hand exit in the direction of Tessungdalen and follow the road for a couple of kilometres to the Lure Cultural Heritage Site.

Park at Lurheim, and follow the road on foot. You will soon find the starting point for the "old community road" that will lead you to the farm where Snowshoe Thompson lived, and the magnificent Lure Waterfall,

Continue towards Tessungdalen where you will find, among others, Haugen Wood Industry. This is a modern factory of wood products, and it is the only one in the country that produces wooden spoons and wooden other kitchen utensils. The factory shop is open daily.

The Iming Mountain

From Tessungdalen the journey continues up to the high mountain. Magnificent high mountain scenery and excellent hike opportunties await at the Iming Mountain. Plan to spend a night at the Iming Mountain Tourist Hostel and use day 3 in Hardangervidda's magnificent natural surroundings.

Source: Visitrjukan AS


Experience the Tinn communities

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