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Explore Herøy with kayak and E-bike rentals


Herøy is an ideal destination for kayaking enthusiasts. Its stunning islands, skerries, and scenic shorelines provide an excellent opportunity to experience nature at its best. Herøy Kajakk & Sykkel offers a wide range of options for both land and water explorers. You can rent kayaks, e-bikes, and SUP boards to embark on your own adventure, or join a guided paddling tour led by experienced kayakers to explore the island.

Herøy Kajakk & Sykkel provides all rentals for both day trips and extended periods. Kayak rentals come equipped with essential gear such as splash covers, paddles, bilge pumps, and life vests. Additionally, a map of the area with recommended kayaking routes (3-5 hours) is provided. Optional dry suits with neoprene shoes are also available. If you prefer a guided kayaking experience, day trips are available with included food and drink, lasting approximately 4-6 hours. However, if you have specific wishes or ideas, customization is also possible.

Herøy Kajakk & Sykkel offers E-bike rentals that are perfect for an active vacation in Helgeland. Renting an E-bike is a great way to immerse yourself in the island’s beautiful scenery while enjoying the freedom to explore at your own pace.

SUP boards
Herøy Kajakk & Sykkel also offers SUP board rentals, which come conveniently packed in a backpack for easy transportation. Each rental includes a pump and pressure gauge, ensuring that you’re fully equipped for your SUP adventure.

Additional practical information
If you’re kayaking, there’s always a risk of capsizing. It’s therefore important to take precautions to ensure your own safety. All activity with rental equipment is done at your own risk and responsibility. To paddle, it’s recommended that you have an NPF wet card for basic course, or alternatively, EPP2 or BCU 2 star. When renting a kayak or SUP, the renter must be over 18 years of age and be able to swim. A life vest must be worn

Last updated: 03/12/2024

Source: Helgeland Reiseliv as

Explore Herøy with kayak and E-bike rentals


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