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Våler (hedmark)

Explore Kynna - canoeing, biking, hiking

Kynna is a watercourse at Finnskogen, and is ideal for canoeing and kayaking. The area has several signposted cycle routes and way-marked DNT trails, a nature reserve, horseback riding, fishing opportunities, and ideal spots to set up camp. It is also home to Risberget and Gravberget offering exciting local history, local food, accommodation, and unique church buildings.

This paddling trip, along elongated lakes and narrow river courses meandering through an idyllic forest landscape, is the ideal opportunity to get close to nature and perhaps experience birds and other animals at close range.

A tranquillity that is truly magical!
Kynna is a gentle watercourse without strong rapids. This makes it easy to navigate and ideal for families and novices. There are camps where you can take a break or stay overnight along the way, and there are also some excellent swimming spots.

Kynna was formerly used for timber floating, and there are still remains of old dams and other traces of this cultural heritage to be seen.

This is the perfect weekend trip. With some 24 km through three municipalities to explore, a 2/3-day trip with two or three overnight stays is ideal. There are several locations at which you can start and end your trip, which means that you can plan the distance and duration as you wish.

There is a network of forest lanes running along Kynna, which also makes the area ideal for cycling. This makes it easy to bring and pick up canoes as well as crew along the route, and it also provide added safety if something should happen.

Fantastic paddling is not all that Kynna has to offer. There are numerous signposted cycle routes along the watercourse, such as Nordre and Søndre Kynndalsrunden, and the many camps along the are accessible by bicycle.

Enjoy your trip!

Source: Visit Innlandet


Explore Kynna - canoeing, biking, hiking

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