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Family-friendly hike to The Fairytale Forest in Årdal

Awaken your senses in the Fairytale Forest in Årdal, Ryfylke. During the child-friendly hike, you'll meet gnomes and trolls in the mysterious forest.

All the beautiful wooden fairytale figures are made by Eldfinn Austigard, who lives in Årdal.

How long is the hike to Eventyrskogen?

The child-friendly hike of Eventyrskogen (The Fairytale Forest) is a total of 3 kilometres long and takes about 1 hour without breaks. But feel free to set aside more time to explore the exciting characters, as well as enjoy a meal in the shelter or the Kveldsturhytta (Evening Hike Cabin). There are barbecue facilities and a fire pit.

It is possible to spend the night in the Kveldsturhytta.

How to get to Eventyrskogen?

Take Rv 13, the Norwegian Scenic Route, to the centre of Årdal and follow the signs to Eventyrskogen along Kyrkjevegen. After about 2 km, drive onto the signposted road at Dalane and then about 1 km to the car park at Eventyrskogen. Free parking.

When is the season for Eventyrskogen?

You can explore Eventyrskogen all year round.

Tour description

This cosy round trip takes you through several adventures. You can read about some of them on the signs along the trail.

In Eventyrskogen there are no electronic effects that will try to impress you. Here you have to let your own imagination impress you.

The trail is a fitness trail for your senses. So take it easy. Feel the fresh air. Hear the rush of the river. Hear the birds chirping. Was it a twig that snapped when a deer stalked into the forest? See the strange shape of that stump over there, or is that a stump?

Forget the stress of everyday life. Be present here - right now!

In Eventyrskogen there are both shelters and cabins where you can sit in the dry and grill a delicious meal.

Accommodation in Eventyrskogen

The Kveldsturhytta is located about 300 metres above Eventyrskogen, with a view of Eventyrskogen and Årdal.

Here you can stop by for a short visit, or fire up the campfire and cook yourself a nice outdoor meal. You are also welcome to stay overnight in the cabin. You can set up hammocks or lie on the long bench in the centre of the cabin. There is some firewood, but it's best to bring the firewood you need.

You should preferably hike from the car park at Eventyrskogen, but if you have some to carry, you can drive up to the cabin with it and then leave your car at the bridge 150 metres below the cabin.

Important info for the hike

Wear good shoes and bring warm clothes

Remember food and drink

Barbecue facilities

You can spend the night in Kveldsturhytta

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Source: Reisemål Ryfylke


Family-friendly hike to The Fairytale Forest in Årdal

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