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Family-friendly mountain biking in Myrkdalen

Are you into mountain biking with your family, holiday in Myrkdalen in Western Norway is the perfect place for you. We have an 850 square metre pumptrack outside Myrkdalen Hotel as well as a skills course with elements for different levels, and bike rental for both children and adults.

Pumptrack Right outside Myrkdalen Hotel you'll find an 850 square metre pumptrack, a circuit of rollers, banked turns and features made in asphalt which is very user-friendly for all types of wheels.

Biking on a pumptrack gives you skills which can be transfered to traditional mountain biking. Here you will learn how to position yourself on the bike, how to create pressure and speed without using the pedals. These are great skills to have when biking on trails.

All bike types work well on a pumptrack, but many people feel more speed and better response from the surface on a bike without suspension - such as a BMX, hardtail or a dirt bike.

Bikingtrail with different elements for both children and beginners On the upper side of the hotel we have a purpose-built bike track with 3 short loops; 2 green and 1 blue. The track suits beginners and children, but there are also elements for more experienced bikers. You can use all types of bikes on this track which is open every day and is free of charge to use for everyone!

Source: Destinasjon Voss


Family-friendly mountain biking in Myrkdalen

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