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Farm honey from Åse Vøllestad farm

Norwegian honey of the highest quality from Åse Vøllestad farm in Drangedal. Choose between the taste of summer flowers and heather.

Åse Vøllestad farm is located southwest of Drangedal in Telemark. Here you will find hundreds of thousands of acres of forest and outfields that open up for enormous nature experiences such as hunting and fishing, and a rich plant and animal life both summer and winter. The farm delivers Norwegian honey of the highest quality and the local beekeepers make sure to get the honey from the cube to the glass and that the bees are well.

The history and life of bees is one of nature's great wonders
Working as beekeepers and following life in the hives is incredibly fascinating and educational. The farm's bees live in beautiful Telemark nature and they fly from flower to flower and pick up nectar. At the same time, they do an invaluable job of pollinating plants and plants. The nectar is delivered in the cube, where the bees collect it in cells for storage. It is this nectar beekeepers extract from the hives and call honey.

Taste of honey
Honey is a completely clean, sweet and healthy natural product. It has been used at all times as a sweetener, including in bread and mead.
The honey is just thrown out of the boards from the cube. Afterwards, it is stirred to get a nice consistency and poured into glass.

Summer honey takes taste from the flowers the bees get nectar from. Since the flowers that bloom at different times vary somewhat, the honey will therefore always taste a little different from year to year. This makes honey a vintage product.

Heather honey, on the other hand, retains its characteristic taste from time to time, since the bees extract nectar from heather every year. Try them side by side and notice the differences.

Where can I buy the honey?
You can buy the honey directly from the farm, through the website of Åse Vøllestad farm, but also in various shops and restaurants in Telemark, including Aarnes cafe at Gvarv, Sjøormen kro in Seljord, Spar Drangedal and Drangedal products.

Source: Telemarkreiser AL


Farm honey from Åse Vøllestad farm

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