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Farm Shop and Catering | Yndestad Farm

At Yndestad Farm, you can enjoy traditional homemade Norwegian food, as well as more modern dishes.

In the farm shop, you will find everything from convenience products, homemade dinner dishes, groceries, sodas, local beer, interior items, and more.

Focus on Local Products

Yndestad Farm focuses on selling products from local suppliers. Here, you will find beef that has grazed in Sundsdalen in Førde, honey from Flekkefjord, local cheese, organic eggs, and more. Yndestad Farm offers pure quality food for you.


Yndestad Farm sells farm food products at the REKO-ring, and as catering for various occasions to private individuals, groups, and companies. Contact us for the menu.

Source: Visit FjordKysten


Farm Shop and Catering | Yndestad Farm

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