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Fastland - Free and fun

Fastland – A gem in the centre of town! Free outdoor swimming pool with a ten-metre diving tower, separate paddling pool, park, volleyball court, free parking and a kiosk.

Welcome to Fastland, a free to use outdoor swimming pool and recreational area. If you are looking for the perfect spot to experience family activities, Fastland is your sure bet.

The pool is approximately 200 meters and is surrounded by a grassy area with a volleyball field, skateboarding ramps, tennis courts, playgrounds and of course grills, benches and tables.
In the middle of the pool, you may brave the skies from a ten-meter high jumping tower!

Fastland is open the entire summer and provides free family fun, just 10 minutes to walk from downtown Gjøvik.

Source: Visit Innlandet


Fastland - Free and fun

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