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Feigesagi - Under the Feigefossen Waterfall

Feigesagi under the Feigefossen Waterfall - Cozy seasonal cafe by the Romantic Road near Skjolden

At the foot of Norway's second highest waterfall, and on the shores of the world's longest inhabited fjord; Lustrafjorden lies Feigum cultural site, on the old Feigesagi farm. 

Feigesagi is Luster municipality's first industrial site, consisting of the sawmill from the 17th century, the forge from the same period, Feigemølla from the 19th century, and the old barn. 

Now the buildings are restored, and in the old sawmill, there is now a simple little seasonal café where you can buy, among other things, waffles, ice cream, coffee, locally produced juice. Feigesagi also has a liquor license and you can buy beer and wine. 

The café is wonderfully situated, and you can get here by driving "The Romantic Road" between Skjolden and Urnes, or you can rent bikes at Eplet in Solvorn or at Skjolden with Adventure Tours of Norway and bike instead.   If you wish to come by sea, you can dock at our pier.  The café is an excellent starting point for the hike up to Feigefossen (about 45 minutes up), or if you want to take the trip of about 10 km all the way around the waterfall. 

It is also possible to participate in a historical walk in the old cultural heritage sites on the farm, where you will get an insight into what it was like to live and operate this industrial farm right under Feigefossen. 

In Feiga, it is never completely quiet, and the soothing sound of the waterfall will give you a slower heart rate and make you feel closer to nature and yourself. 

Welcome to us.

Source: Visit Sognefjord AS


Feigesagi - Under the Feigefossen Waterfall

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