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Ferry Judaberg, Nedstrand, Jelsa, Hebnes


Ryfylkeferjen is a car ferry is connecting islands to Stavanger and the mainland at Haugalandet and Ryfylke.

Car ferry between Stavanger and Ryfylke

Ryfylkeferjen - 580 Ryfylke-Stavanger is a car ferry that takes you from Stavanger to several places in Ryfylke, such as Suldal, Tau, Fister, Hjelmeland, Jelsa, Hebnes, Sand and Sauda. MF Ryfylke is Kolumbus' first electric ferry. The ferry has room for 99 passengers, 27 cars and two trailers.

Ryfylkeferjen ferry ports

Harbours: Fiskepirterminalen 8 in Stavanger, Heng, Sør-Hidle, Brimse, Østhusvik, Tau, Fister, Byre, Sør-Bokn, Judaberg, Helgøy (Finnøy), Nord-Hidle, Nedstrand, Hebnes, Foldøy and Jelsa.

Ryfylkeferjen ferry Season

The ferry runs all year round. It is a good idea to read the timetable carefully. You can book tickets here: See the timetables here:

580 Ryfylkeferjen (bilferje) (valid from 1 January 2024)

Source: Reisemål Ryfylke


Ferry Judaberg, Nedstrand, Jelsa, Hebnes


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