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Fish Me

Located at the Fish Market, Fish Me offers a large selection of seafood and snacks. Caters for groups and can deliver to cruise ships.

Fish Me has been selling fish at Bergen’s historic fish market for more than 25 years now. We offer the finest seafood from the sea and from along the coast of Norway. We can proudly say that our products are sourced locally and of the highest quality. Many of our fish and shellfish are sold live, and always fresh; we have an assortment of cooked and fresh shellfish and other seafood that come to use from local dealers before you wake up in the morning. We filet the fish ourselves, do all our preparations at the market and do our best to provide you with an unforgettable culinary experience in your own homes.

Our chefs prepare delicious hot dishes, fresh sushi, seafood snacks and individual servings that you can enjoy in our restaurant, take with as you stroll wharf or take home with you. Enjoy our Dish of the day, prepared with the finest ingredients from our traditional suppliers from the region.

We also offer regional beverages, made-to-order just for Fish Me, such as beers, ciders, apple juice, etc. We love our local foods and beverages, and we want you to try them too; our assortment of beverages was chosen specifically for seafood. We have seats inside and on benches around the diner, and cosy terrace just a stone's throw from the sea.

Sushi is a Japanese national dish, which has been a tradition across Asia for centuries. It has become a popular delicacy around the world as well in recent decades, also in Norway. Norway (especially Bergen!) provides the perfect conditions for conjuring up the best sushi due to our access to local fresh seafood. We hire professional sushi chefs to make traditional and fresh sushi. The raw materials come from surrounding seas and are sourced locally. Our sushi is made on site. You can call to order for pickup or delivery, or dine at our diner if you like. Sushi is healthy and nutritious food, not to mention the fact that it is delicious. It is also visually appealing.

Fish Me wants to preserve good traditions and offer our customers local delicacies, so most of our products are regional. We get deliveries from fishermen & local fishing vessels, coastal seafood processors, local smokeries, local producers and wholesalers, etc. so we can always provide our customers with the freshest products available. As one example of this commitment, we can mention that our smoked products are smoked in the traditional manner in open smoker ovens that create a very special flavour. In addition to smoked salmon we also have smoked salmon à la Cognac & Pepper, Chili & Mango, hot-smoked brown trout/salmon/wild salmon/mackerel/herring/cod/whale etc. We also make our own Gravlax (i.e. buried-fermented salmon) in Cognac marinade and excellent local spices. We also offer other Norwegian specialities and exciting products such as locally produced cheese, cured meats, herbs and spices, caviar and much more.

We are located in Torghallen at the traditional fish market on Bergen’s seaside wharf.

Call us at: +47 450 23 000 or e-mail:

Exklusivity for groups:
The restaurant can be rented exclusively by a group. This require a minimum of 75 guests.

Source: Visit Bergen


Fish Me

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