Fishing for brown trout in Langsua national park

Did you know that in Lansua national park are many nice lakes and rivers? In all of them is the brown trout common. A beautiful fish from 0,2 to 2,5 kg.

* Spin fishing - basic introduction in a lake – one day
* Fly fishing - basic introduction on a grasland for one evening by the B&B, next day by a lake.

Stay overnight in our B&B.

For those with experience:
* - Spin fishing in lakes, with one guide.
* - Fly fishing in lakes and rivers, with one guide.
* Choose from one to three days fishing.

Stay overnight in our B&B. We catch the trout either by spinners or more advanced by fly fishing. Keep the long line in the air for a short while and then land the fly exactly on the hot spot, bang! Our concept is to learn you the basic technique and then go fishing. For fly fishing we start on the grassland by our B&B for a couple of hours, concentrate and get the right feeling. And next day we are out there. We have all the gear that you need. Do have a little experience – then we just go to the lakes and rivers to try it. What`s better? The brown trout is born in the wild, sometimes is it in the right mode, sometimes not, |we can`t guarantee success...

Last updated: 04/18/2023

Source: Visit Lillehammer

Fishing for brown trout in Langsua national park

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