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Fishing in Inderøy

Inderøy is characterised by the close contact with the sea, and much of the outdoor life takes place in connection with the fjord.
There are several fine water that is ideally suited for inland fishing, it is also close to several good salmon rivers.

Inderøy has one of Europe's strongest tidal streams, Straumen, which ties together Trondheimsfjorden and Borgenfjorden.

Due to the under current and ground conditions, you get the most benefit by taking into account high and low tide.
Most of the lures for sea fishing are usable, but not too lightweight as it would not descend deep enought to where the fish is. Various types of jig are good for catching fish in Straumen and bait fishing is also effective. Fly - and herring lures are effective on sea trout. 

The tidal stream is divided into zones from 1 - 12 (see map here) and these are marked with a zone sign along the shoreline. Zone 13 and 14 can not be reached from land, boat fishing is recommended here. Boat fishing from Zone 1-12 is difficult due to the strong current.

Sea trout can be fished in the sea all year round, with the exception of 1.March - 31.May when the sea trout has a protected status in all of Trøndelag. Trout fishing is recommended along large parts of Inderøya's shoreline, both from land with fly and lightning rod, or by trolling from a boat.

Suitable places for rod fishing from land:
Straumen, the south side of Skarnsundet, Høsholmen towards Hylla.

Fishing frrom a boat:
Trolling from boat can be used along the entire shoreline, but the area from Vangshylla towards Kjerknesvågen and Høsholmen towards Hylla are good tips.

Yarn fishing and otter fishing are forbidden and fish under 35 cm, measured from nose to tail, are to be gently released back into the water.

Inderøy has several lakes with a fine stock of trout and most are easily accessible and are located in nice surroundings with varied cultural landscapes. We can mention two particularly fine lakes:

At Lake Skjermstadvatnet, the trout is especially nice.The lake is cultivated and is a popular place for fishing. The lake is located at Kjerknesvågen, and fishing licenses are sold by the landowners, at Coop Kjerknesvågen. 

Lake Granavatnet in Granabygda is also a nice lake for trout fishing. 

You are especially encouraged not to walk on cultivated land.

Source: Fiskeguide for Inderøy - Flyndra AS

Source: Innherred Reiseliv


Fishing in Inderøy

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