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Fishing in Loelva river

Like a beautiful necklace in the landscape, the river runs 3 km from Lovatnet lake to the fjord. The river is typical of Western Norway with some rapid sections and some quieter sections. The river has a fantastic location between narrow mountains in a lush valley.

The river draws its water from the glacier in the mountains around Lovatnet lake and is usually a greenish colour.

Salmon come to the river in early summer and the warmer the weather the earlier the salmon arrive. In warm early summers, newly arrived salmon can be seen as early as mid-May. This early migratory salmon flesh is relatively coarse, with an average weight of 8-10 kg, and with a few specimens of 15-18 kg.

The river’s variation offers fishing opportunities to suit all tastes. Keen anglers will find a favourite spot to fish with flies, worms, or spinnerbait.

Source: Nordfjord


Fishing in Loelva river

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