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Fishing in Skjåk

Skjåk fishing area offers fishing in over 200 lakes and over 250 km rivers. There is only trout in the mountain lakes, but also grayling in River Otta.

In the Skjåk municipality you can fish over 250 km of streams and rivers on one single license. A license can be obtained from the Skjåk Almenning office in Bismo (open from 08.00 – 15.30 on week days). Otherwise, licenses can be purchased at most campgrounds and other service- and tourism businesses in Skjåk.

Glacial sediments and clay particles from the Breheimen glaciers, color the rivers and lakes with a turquoise tint. River Otta, the main watercourse, runs through the whole Skjåk area along road 15, and offers many good fishing opportunities with easy access. The amount of water in the watershed is usually small in late March, April and the first part of May, before the snow melting in the mountains takes of fully – usually this happens not before the end of May.

During summer water levels change rapidly in line with rainfall and high temperatures affecting snow and glacial melting. The rivers and lakes in Reinheimen are not influenced as much, and therefore they stay mostly clear. The main river, Otta, holds in addition to trout also a large stock of grayling in the stretch from Skim up to Ofossen. In the rest of the Skjåk area trout is teh dominating species.

Source: Nasjonalparkriket Reiseliv AS


Fishing in Skjåk

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