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Fishing in Snåsavatnet (Lake Såsa)

Snåsavatnet north of Steinkjer in Nord Trøndelag is Norway's sixth largest lake, and is considered a very good fishing lake for trout and char. Permits are sold at Føllingstua Camping and Bearhunter Schulz Sommerresidenzer amongst other places.

Try fishing in Snåsavatnet
If you are staying overnight at Føllingstua or Bearhunter Schulz - why not spend the evening or the next morning on a boat- or fishing trip?

Føllingstua camping rent out rowing boats and canoes, and sells fishing licenses - Day Pass/weekly pass/yearly pass. Boats with/without fishing license can be pre-booked, boat hire is then rented out per 24 hours, starting at 1800 to 1800 next day. Hourly rentals can be arranged at reception on arrival at Føllingstua.
Oldernæs Beach camp rent out rowing boats and electric motorboats, and sells fishing licenses - Day Pass/weekly pass/yearly pass.

Fishing license/rates: Fishing licenses for Snåsavatnet are NOK 100 pr. day, NOK 200 pr. week or 300, -pr. year and are sold at the reception at Føllingstua Camping. Føllingstua rent out rowing boats and canoes to for NOK 50, -pr hour and NOK 200, -pr day. Lifejackets are NOK 30 pr person.
Licenses can also be purchased at the reception of Bearhunter Schulz and is NOK 50 NOK pr day (special rate for 2016), NOK 150 pr week or NOK 200, -pr year. Rowing boats are NOK 50, - (times by arrangement) and electric motorboats are NOK 100, - pr day. From 1st October, fishing net days are sold at NOK 25,- per day (+ license). Fishing net should be brought.

About fishing in Snåsavatnet
The ice breaks around 1 to 15 May at Snåsavatnet. Trout fishing will be most plentyful. Good fishing in coves around Føllingstua - mark, spinner, lures can be used all season. In June/late June conditions are very good for fly fishing. Most effective are fishing with nets and planer boards. Planer boards are freely used, setting of fishing nets can be arranged with Føllingstua, but it is not a problem.
Oldernæs Beach camp boasts its own zone for freshwater fishing. Just below 10 km of rugged shoreline, where you can fish species such as trout, char and brine. Net fishing: Net fishing for char is available every autumn from 1st October. When renting a cabin, up to 5 net days are included. Fishing nets should be brought along by the fisher.

Source: Innherred Reiseliv


Fishing in Snåsavatnet (Lake Såsa)

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