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Fishing in Stryneelva river

Stryneelva is a legendary fishing river, and just as legendary is the local hospitality. The first English salmon anglers visited as early as 1860, and the first tourist hotels and cruise boats came to Stryn and Nordfjord at the end of the 1800s.

The river stems from the mighty Jostedalsbreen glacier via Oppstrynsvatnet lake. The glacier water gives the river its characteristic turquoise colour, which makes for an enchanting sight but also makes for fantastic fishing, whether in daylight, dusk or darkness. The river’s large salmon and sea trout are happy to bite at any time of day. Stryneelva river is divided into several different fishing zones. Below is information about where you can buy a fishing permit for the different zones: - Lunde / Stryneelva Hyttegrend - Kirkeeide / Intersport Stryn - Sætre and Yttreeide / Ytreeide sport (Sport 1) - Bø and Årheim / Ytreeide sport (Sport 1) - Vik, Tonning and Visnes / Visnes Hotell You must have a fishing permit to fish in the river and certain rules apply. You can read more about the rules that apply to fishing in Stryneelva at

Source: Nordfjord


Fishing in Stryneelva river

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