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Fishing in Vrådal

In Vrådal you can fish in Lake Nisser and Lake Vråvatn. Fishing licenses can be bought at the tourist information office in Vrådal and at the Straand Hotel.

In Vrådal you can fish in lake Nisser and Vråvatn. There is a lot of fish here, both trout, perch, char and whitefish. You can buy a fishing licenses at the tourist information in Vrådal and at the Straand Hotel.

The trout can weigh over 8 kg, but most of the fish caught weigh between 150 and 600 grams. The trout has a nice red color in the flesh and tastes delicious. The largest fish often come in from deep water in mid-September to prepare for spawning.
The best fishing times are in June and August. In the middle of summer, the water is often too warm so that the fish seek to greater depths.

Fishing license
Vrådal Fiskelag is a landowners' association that sells fishing licenses in the areas around Vrådal. They have fishing licenses for most of lake Vråvatn, the upper part of lake Nisser and some mountain lakes. It is allowed to fish with otters in these lakes.

Fishing licenses are sold for up to two days, up to 14 days and season licenses. Everyone under 16 fishes for free. Fishing licenses are sold at the tourist information and Straand Hotel. 

Source: Vest Telemark


Fishing in Vrådal

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