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Indre Østfold

Fishing places in Øyern and Glomma

With its 26 different fish species, Øyern is Norway's richest in the number of fish species.


With its 26 different fish species, Øyern is Norway's richest in the number of fish species.

The most common are perch, pike, perch and a lot of different whitefish and some trout. At Stegen north in Spydeberg, you can most easily get down to Øyeren by Mørk Brygge where you can fish and swim. On the other side of Øyeren is Sandstangen in Trøgstad, a 200-300 m long seaweed of moraine gravel into the lake with its own space for launching a boat and there is also a jetty for public use.

Glomma - Norways longest river

Glomma is Norway's richest fishing river, and offers exciting sport fishing.

In Østfold, the river is best known for large pike, perch and lake. There may be some good fishing for trout and grayling in the current areas between Grønnsund and Vamma. Glomma is a diverse fishing river that offers a versatile fishing, with trout, perch, pike, whitefish, perch, lake and grayling as the most attractive species. Opportunities for exciting and varied fishing experiences most of the year. A total of 34 different fish species have been registered in this river system. The Norwegian record for pike has been set several times in the area.

Fishing is best suited from a boat, All traffic on and along the river, as well as launching or taking up a boat, within a zone of 200 m below the pond, and 150 m above the pond, is prohibited.

There is easy access to the river in a number of places. There are a number of available fishing spots in Glomma and the side roads from Solbergfoss at the top and down to the Rakkestad border. Well-known places are in connection with the power plants in Solbergfoss, Kykkelsrud and Vamma, by Thømtevja, Fossumbrua, Lekumevja and Grønnsund. At Skjørshammer, Eidsberg there is a wharf facility with services offered for the disabled. At Suteren by Os in Rakkestad, there is also a wharf facility with fishing opportunities and services.

See separate brochure about fishing in Glomma

In stream areas you will find good trout and grayling places. In slow-flowing areas, there are good conditions for perch and pike fishing. Pike and perch are devouring predatory fish that are caught on rods with spinners, wobblers and lures from land or boat. Ice fishing for perch in winter. (But beware of unsafe ice due to current conditions).

For large parts of the year, the pike is stationary. In the main course (Nedre Glomma) the pike is numerous and easiest to catch. Before and after spawning (April-May) in the spring, it can be found in shallow areas such as Vestvannet, Mingevannet, Østhølen and Visterflo. A safe catch time is immediately after spawning.

The perch has a similar annual cycle, but is not as stationary. In summer it can be found in the shallows, in the early mornings. Earthworm fishing in the summer on slow-flowing sections at a depth of 1-2 m. (Source: Glommaguiden)

Bingsfoss - Øyeren:
Large pike and perch populations as well as grayling, lake, whitefish, redfish, roach, roach, etc. Inland trout are also found.

Mørkfoss - Vamma:
Here you can fish perch, perch, pike, lake, trout, grayling, whitefish, roach, trunk, bream and saithe.

NB! Glomma was diagnosed with signal crayfish and crayfish plague in the autumn of 2020. It is therefore very important that boats, equipment and other things that have been in contact with the water are disinfected or dried completely before use in other watercourses. DO NOT use bait fish from Glomma in other watercourses!

Fishing licenses can be purchased at For renting cabins see our own pages about cabin rentals:

For more information about fishing license regulations, contact the municipalities. There is also a lot of information about fishing licenses, suitable fishing lakes, housing, guides and fish species at

Source: Visit Indre Østfold


Fishing places in Øyern and Glomma

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