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Indre Østfold

Fishing places in Fjella

The Fjella areas in inner Østfold are one of the most beautiful trout areas in Eastern Norway.

The Fjella area in Indre Østfold, Marker and Rakkestad

There are a number of smaller rivers, ponds and lakes in Indre Østfold that are suitable for fishing. In particular, the Fjella area should be mentioned. Fjella are a large, contiguous forest area. It includes Trømborgfjella in Indre Østfold, Rakkestadfjella in Rakkestad and Vestfjella in Marker municipality. The name is probably a bit misleading because there are no large mountains here ( Fjella = mountains), but on the other hand a lot of stone and a hilly terrain dominated by pine and spruce forests.

Fjella consist of a number of lakes, where you can find ponds with large or lot of fish, and some water actually has both.

Eidsberg / Mysen

In the Fjella area east of Mysen there are a number of fishing license areas, with almost 100 ponds and lakes dominated by perch and trout. There are several lakes with pike and roach. The pike population in Fjella is not large. In some lakes you will also find Karuss, as well as earwigs and wood-spiked stingrays.

The largest fishing license areas are operated by Trømborg and Herland landowners 'associations JFF, Svarverud JFF and Hærland landowners' associations.

Fishing license
Can be purchased in Intersport Mysen, tel. 69893840, Nilsen sport and electric tel. 69811144 in Ørje or at There are also several self-service boxes by the toll roads in Fjella. The fishing license must always be brought with you when fishing, and can not be transferred to others. Only sport fishing equipment with rod and line, or hand line can be used. The card is personal.


Midtre Degernes Association manages 130 lakes and ponds in Degernesfjella south of the municipality, where almost 60 of these have trout. Very many of the lakes also have perch. At Søndre Hivann, there is a fishing area for the disabled. There is a boat launch at the north end of Kløsa. Fishing licenses can be purchased at, and at self-service checkouts located at the entrances to the area Hivannsveien, Væhleveien and Kilebuveien (toll).

Rakkestad and Degernes hunters and fishermen's association sell fishing licenses for 14 lakes east of the municipality, in the innermost part of Høytomtveien, including Frønesjøen. Here it is mostly trout lakes, but also some lakes with perch and pike. Fishing licenses can be purchased with Vipps / toll box in Høytomtveien (toll) at Dalsmosaga.

Søndre Degernes landowners' association manages some water with trout and perch in the south of the municipality, including Nattjern.

In addition, Tiuråsen wildlife protection association sells fishing licenses in some waters northeast of the municipality, where the largest lake is Honningen. Here it is perch and trout.

People can use NJFF's boat located at Rakkestad and Degernes JFF (Frønesjøen), provided membership. 

We would definitely recommend buying the Fjella map when you enter Fjella. Here they have done a formidable job with signage and facilitation. You can buy the Fjella map at local sports shops or Visit Indre Østfold

Source: Visit Indre Østfold


Fishing places in Fjella

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