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Fishing trip in the Hjørundfjord - Actin Fishing

An exclusive day trip to the beautiful Hjørundfjord. Delicious food, fishing and local culture in beautiful surroundings, with experienced local guides.

On this trip, your group will have exclusive access to the entire boat and crew on a full day trip to the Hjørundfjord and Strandabøen - a fjord and isolated farmstead with a unique history in fairytale nature.

The trip begins and ends in Ålesund. Making our way in the fjord, we might stop for some fishing, or you may simply relax and take in the wonderful scenery. Up above, the eagle hunts its prey, and the red deer live in the steep mountain sides of the Sunnmøre Alps. The porpoise are permanent residents in the fjord, and both grind whales and killer whales visit from time to time.

Once at Strandabøen, you will be served the best that nature has to offer; burgers and sausages of red deer hunted in the mountains above us. From the fjord we get delicacies such as crayfish, crab, lobster, wild salmon and monkfish.

Enjoy a delicious meal in the boathouse, prepared and served by a local chef. Storytelling and games are also part of the experience.

Source: Ålesund & Sunnmøre


Fishing trip in the Hjørundfjord - Actin Fishing

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