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Fishing trip to Jarenvatnet, Vigga and Jevnakermarka

Jarenvatnet and Vigga
Jarenvatnet is well known for both pike fishing and ice fishing for whitefish and perch.

Fishing from land can be a bit tricky, but we can recommend two good spots.
- The east side of Jarenstranda. (Turn at the station and keep left.)
- The fishing jetty about half way down the western shore. (There is a car park and information board.)

You can now buy fishing permits on SMS:

In Vigga, fishing is banned between 1 Sept. and 30 April. The ban extends to Rosendalsdammen, where there is large trout.

Fjorda in Veståsen
Fjorda is located in Gran west of the Randsfjorden lake.
Veståsen hunting and fishing association has the rights to use the land, which is owned by Vaslien land owners' association.

Fish species:
Perch, trout, char and whitefish.

Fishing permit:
Permits for sale throughout the season, except for the period 20 Sept. until 31 Oct., when fishing is banned.
The permit covers Fjorda with the exception of Velmunden, which is a part of Fjorda.
Children under 16 fish for free.

Permits are sold by:
- Joker Bjoneroa
- Vestland canoe hire
- Solvik canoe hire

Brandbu, Tingelstad and Øståsen
Brandbu and Tingelstad hunting and fishing association has the rights to use the Øståsen area for fishing and hunting small game. The area is owned by Brandbu og Tingelstad Almenning. The area measures just over 100,000 decametres. The association has similar rights in a 13,000-decametre area owned by Egge og Bleiken Våtmarkslag. The association also has cottages and forest lodgings for hire in its hunting and fishing areas.

The association's rights apply to land on the eastern side of Randsfjorden in Gran and encompasses the area from Malsjøen and the boundary of Gran common in the south, including the large and attractive terrain around Lyngasæter, to Einafjorden and Gjersjøen in the north. A detailed map of the area is available at

Fish species:
Perch, trout, char in the lakes in Øståsen.

Fishing permit:
Fishing permits are for sale by the common-road barriers, in Almenningsbutikken, in Sportsgutta Brandbu, and at Lygnasæter.

Jevnaker Nordmark:
Make a turn at the petrol station in Toso or at Olimb and follow the road to Mylla. This is a toll road. If you take the turn at Toso you will experience some of Svenådalen's nature reserve. You then reach Tverrsjøstallen.

From Tverrsjøen and south through Nordmarka towards Katnosa the lakes lie next to each other like pearls on a string. This is a popular canoeing route. The fish species consist mostly of trout, perch and char. On the west side of the lakes is Pershusfjell with its unique and impressive landscape. The area is protected.

Towards the east is the Spålen Katnosa nature reserve, where the boundary is marked in green. There is a forest path with information boards from Tverrsjøstallen to Svarttjernshøgda, which is Nordmarka's highest point. At the top, there is a timber viewing tower.

If you travel on to Jevnaker Vestås, you will find many good lakes with trout and perch. The landscape is varied with marshes and pine forest.

Source: Visit Innlandet


Fishing trip to Jarenvatnet, Vigga and Jevnakermarka

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