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Fishing trips in Lunner

Fjellsjøen and Store Klattertjern
Fjellsjøen and Store Klattertjern are two of the best fishing lakes in Lunner. Both are easy to access from the car park located by the road Vestbygdvegen. Exit road RV4 at the junction near Harestua. Follow the forest road to Fjellsjøen. The road has a barrier and is not open to general traffic.

If size doesn't matter, and you're more interested in landing a lot of fish, then Lille Klattertjern is a good alternative.

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Harestuvannet (234 metres above sea level) is at heart of the Harestua area. The lake is located in the south-eastern part of Lunner Almenning, and is a popular local lake used by residents all year round.

Fish species: Trout, perch, whitefish, char, pike and burbot
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Avalsjøen (340 metres above sea level) lies northwest of Snellinghøgda, north of road RV35 and southeast of the Skjerva lake. Avalsjøen is one of the biggest lakes in Lunner Almenning. The lake is accessible by car via the toll road at Bjørgeseter.

Fish species: Trout, perch, whitefish, char
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Gjerdingen (448 metres above sea level) is a large lake in the far north of Nordmarka, a couple of kilometres northwest of Fjellsjøen. The lake is accessible by foot or by bike from Svartbekken or from Stryken. You can also drive the long way around and park along the toll road at the north end of the lake. Follow road RV4 to the town hall in Roa and carry on towards Jevnaker. Turn left by Olimb, and follow the toll road to Gjerdingen. This route saves effort, but not much time.

Fish species: Trout, perch, whitefish, char
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Korsvatnet (503 metres above sea level) is located southeast of Langvatnet and northwest of Korsvasshøgda. It is a relatively large lake, although it is almost split in two where one of the area's many gravel tracks crosses the lake.
Fish species: Trout, perch, whitefish
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Mylla (496 metres above sea level) is located southwest of Svea and northwest of Bislingflaka. Myllsvegen runs along the south-eastern shore of the lake for a short distance, while the gravel tracks surround the lake in the south, west and north. The tracks provide easy access to the water's edge from all directions. The car park at the Mylla pond is next to the road towards Bislingen, and is in use in both summer and winter. A large, new car park has opened nearby.

Fish species: Trout, perch, char, whitefish, burbot
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The river Myllselva flows out of the Mylla lake and through Fløyta in the far north of Nordmarka, then through Storfløyta and further on down alongside the road Vestbygdvegen before it flows under the bridge by Vestbygda. The river then disappears into the forest and reappears when it passes under road RV4. It finally ends its journey when it flows into the Harestuvannet lake on the northwest side.

Fish species: Trout, pike (furthest downstream)
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Skjerva (418 metres above sea level) is north of Avalsjøen and just south of road RV23, which skims the north side of the lake. You can drive along the toll road from Bjørgeseter past Avalsjøen until the road ends, and then walk about 200 metres to the southern shore of the lake. Alternatively, you can follow road RV23 via Oppdalen and park at the north end of the lake by Skjervatråkket.

Fish species: Trout, perch, char, whitefish
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Vassjøtjernet near Grindvoll is a very good trout lake. The land owners actively cultivate the fish stocks. Fishing permits are available by the lake.

You can access the lake from Lunner sentrum by following Grindvollinna.

Last updated: 03/26/2024

Source: Visit Innlandet

Fishing trips in Lunner

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