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Østre Toten

Fishing trips in Totenvika

Sundvika is a spawning ground for pike, perch and various species of carp. In late May/early June, the area is virtually teeming with fish.

- Fantastic opportunities for amazing pike fishing with jerk/soft baits, wobbler and fly (normal size 1-6 kg, but bigger fish can also be caught).
- Plenty of large perch (soft baits and bait).
- Large ide (shoals of fish weighing around 3 kilos). Bait and fly. (When we fished here in 2014, Lars Juel Hansen began fishing for ide when he failed to catch any pike).
- Opportunities for large bream (up to 5 kilos) using bait.
- In addition, there are large stocks of roach, common bleak, common dace, crucian carp and similar species that may interest anglers using bait.

The fishing is at its best in late May/early June, while catches decline substantially in the summer. Very good ice fishing (depth 5-30 metres), particularly for perch, but also for pike, whitefish and trout. Balanced baits and ice fishing baits.

Boat hire available at Evjua Strandpark. (Ice fishing is also quite good in Totenvika if you are familiar with the area).

Shallow water with a sandy bottom, ideal for dry fly fishing for grayling. Sizes vary, but you can occasionally catch fish of around 1 kilo. Normal weight is half a kilo. Best in July/August.

Access via private road in Totenvika.

Source: Visit Innlandet


Fishing trips in Totenvika

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