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Fishing trips to Gran Østås

Gran Østås
Fishing permit for sale at road barriers and at Gran Almenning, Maxbo in Vassenden. There are many big ponds beside the road.

Vassbråa and Sagvollen

The river Vassbråa has stocks of large trout, perch, whitefish and char. At the mouth of the river/stream from Ognilla there is a fishing jetty, as well as a shelter for overnight stays. There are also facilities for spending the night at Sagvollen. Fenced-in area with special sites for campfires.

Further along from Sagvollen
Further along the river between Sagvollen and Våja there are sections where the water flows slowly. A good starting point is where the road crosses the river.    

Further along from the Ognilla estuary
Malsjøen and Ognilla are favourite fishing spots. There are some great places for fly fishing between Ognilla and Vassbråa. This is the home of the fish eagle.

If you want to go off the beaten track, we recommend Fjellsjøen. The path begins where the road crosses the stream at Malsjøen. The area between Fjellsjøen and Ognilla/Sagvollen is untouched with a few small lakes. Here you can get lost in dreams and enjoy the fantastic views of the east from Vassbråskurven. Framstadsæterfjellet is one of the highest mountains in the area. Here you can find capercaille and ptarmigan.

Avrillen is a great lake, about an hour's walk from the road at Vassbråa. My favourite. Parking at Vassbråa is easy, with a fenced-in area and grassy meadow. There are farm animals on the hill, and the fence protects the cars from inquisitive cows. Initially you follow a lane, and then the stream. About halfway along the western shore of the lake there is a section that is great for fly fishing. There is a "lavvo" shelter at the southern end of the lake.

Source: Visit Innlandet


Fishing trips to Gran Østås

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