Confectionery and café at Skøyen

Fjærkonfekt is an artisan confectionery at Skøyen. Here you can enjoy delicious sweets with a good cup of coffee.

The team behind Fjærkonfekt is committed to offering handmade temptations that are full of flavour. Each dessert is made from scratch by skilled artisans. Carefully selected ingredients are used to create new, creative flavour combinations. Whether you have a soft spot for rich chocolate, tart fruit or delicate floral notes, the menu is designed to satisfy every sweet tooth.

In addition to the desserts, Fjærkonfekt also offers a wide range of speciality coffees that are brewed to complement and enhance the flavours of the confections.

The premises offer a cosy atmosphere, whether you want to enjoy yourself alone or gather with friends and family.

Last updated: 09/07/2023

Source: VisitOSLO as


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