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Fjellskål is both a seafood store and restaurant, and a great place to enjoy world class Norwegian seafood.

Located at the traditional Fish Market downtown, with direct access to fresh ingredients and catch of the day, Fjellskål's main focus is to provide the best seafood experience possible, both when buying fish to bring back home and when dining in their restaurant.

Their signature dish alone should be enough to lable Fjellskål a seafood lover's true heaven! Their luxury shellfish platter is an unforgettable shellfish experience with live Norwegian lobster, live scallops, live crayfish, live King crab and oysters, only to mention a few of the delicacies served on this platter.

Fjellskåls extensive fish counter is a delight with some of the most delicious ingredients the sea has to offer. Fresh and exotic ingredients lie side by side, together with homemade delicacies such as smoked salmon, hot smoked salmon with pepper, and cognac marinated salmon "gravlax."

The shop is open Monday - Thursday: 09-21, Friday and Saturday 09-22 and Sunday 11:30-21

For groups:

Fjellskål can offer the following venues for a private events all year:
Babord : Maximum 30 guests. Styrbord : Max 46 guests. Inside the restaurant: 54 guests
Total: Max 130 guests

Welcome to Fjellskål.

Source: Visit Bergen




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