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Fjord Cruise Balestrand - Fjærland one way


Fjord Cruise from the beautiful artist village of Balestrand into the majestic Fjærland Fjord on board MS Fjord Lady where you disembark in Fjærland

The Fjærlandsfjord is beautiful and majestic, surrounded by snow-capped mountain peaks. The fjord has a bright green color due to all the meltwater that flows into the fjord. The boat trip is a fantastic experience from the art village of Balestrand through the beautiful fjord landscape and almost all the way to Jostedalsbreen.

When you come ashore in Fjærland, nothing is better than walking around the center and taking a trip to Bokbyen. Throughout the city centre, both inside and outside, there are stacks of used books that you can buy with you.


Are you ready for a swim in the mighty Sognefjord? After a dip in the fjord, it is extremely nice to go into the Dampen Sauna, which is located down by the quay in Fjærland.

A nice walk from the center brings you to Bøyum Camping, where they have hot dishes that you can buy. Relax and enjoy the view. A short distance from Bøyum Camping, you can stroll into the Norwegian Glacier Museum, where you must not miss the panoramic film about Jostealsbreen National Park. At Bremuseet you can carry out your own experiments with 1,000-year-old ice from the Supphelle glacier.

Accommodation? If you wish to spend the night in Fjærland, you can stay at Bøyum Camping or Fjærland Fjordstove Hotel.

When does the boat leave?

Departure Balestrand: 12:10

Arrival Fjærland: 13:25

Price: NOK 590

Source: Visit Sognefjord AS


Fjord Cruise Balestrand - Fjærland one way


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