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Fjord Line cruise between Bergen and Stavanger

Beautiful mountains and deep fjords make an unbeatable Norwegian combination. Travel with Fjord Line between Bergen and Stavanger! Book your ticket here.

The Fjord Line ships, MS Stavangerfjord and MS Bergensfjord, travel daily from Bergen to Stavanger through exceptionally beautiful natural landscapes.

Sailing directly from the Port of Bergen in the city centre, Fløyen, Ulriken and the other city mountains along the fjord provide a bewitching backdrop as we make our way to beautiful Haugalandet, where the distance between the open sea to islets, archipelagos and deep fjords is minimal. 

The ship sails in inshore waters for the entire voyage, so you’re never far from natural landscapes or landmarks. For example, when sailing from Bergen you can see Askøybroen (Askøy Bridge) and Sotrabrua (Sotra Bridge), two gigantic suspension bridges that connect the mainland to the two Hordaland islands. Both bridges are over one kilometre in length and create a dramatic sight from the deck at the bow of the ship or from the large panoramic windows on board.

And be prepared for Karmsund bru (Karmsund Bridge) too. This bridge, connecting Karmøy and Haugesund, illustrates what is so wonderful and unique about voyages in Western Norway. It’s not possible to get a closer mix of nature and man-made structure. Karmsund Bridge’s characteristic arch makes it popular with photographers, so have your camera ready!

On board, you can enjoy good food and recharge your batteries before arriving at the historic and dynamic city of Stavanger. Fjord Line has menus and restaurants to cater for all tastes. For those that like a little bit of everything, the Commander Buffet restaurant, which has daily breakfast, lunch and dinner menus, is a good option. As it’s a buffet, you can pick and mix to your heart’s content. If you’d prefer a romantic à la carte dinner, then the Grieg Brasserie is the place for you. Here, you can savour various tasty dishes composed of top-quality raw ingredients. Or for something quick and easy, why not try the Oasis Garden Café.

The ships are also equipped with a comfortable lounge where, for an additional fee, you can enjoy the sea view in a comfortable seat and help yourself to hot and cold drinks throughout the journey. Here you have access to wifi and power sockets and it is possible to order lunch and dinner from a separate menu.

For a round trip from either Bergen or Stavanger, an interesting alternative is travelling back on Kystbussen (the coastal bus). With this option, we would recommend a minimum one-night stay in Bergen or Stavanger. The bus takes about five hours and can be booked online here.

After arriving in Stavanger, the ship continues on to Hirtshals in Denmark and then to Kristiansand. Trips to Denmark, can be booked at


Bergen - Stavanger: Every day: at 13:30 p.m. Attendance 60 minutes before departure. Check-in closes at 13:10
Stavanger - Bergen: Every day: at 07:00
Duration: 5 hours and 30 minutes.

Arrival in Risavika, Stavanger:
In Stavanger, the ship docks in Risavika. From here you can take the bus between Risavika and Stavanger city center. See for the time schedule.

Arrival at the Hurtigruten Terminal in Bergen:
In Bergen, the ship docks at the Hurtigruten Terminal, which is about a 10-minute walk from the city centre of Bergen.


With car:
Monday -Thursday low season: car NOK 490 / adult NOK 75 / child NOK 38
Friday - Sunday low season: car NOK 530 / adult NOK 95 / child NOK 48
Monday -Thursday high season: car NOK 530 / adult NOK 95 / child NOK 48
Friday - Sunday high season: car NOK 570 / adult NOK 115 / child NOK 58

Without a car:
Monday -Thursday low season: Adult NOK 275/child NOK 150
Friday - Sunday low season: Adult NOK 315/child NOK 170
Monday -Thursday high season: Adult NOK 315/child NOK 170
Friday - Sunday high season: Adult NOK 355/child NOK 190

No student/senior discount.

Source: Visit Bergen


Fjord Line cruise between Bergen and Stavanger

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