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FjordHusky half day trip


Dog sledding is excitement, adventure and experience. With FjordHusky you can relax on the sled or drive your own sled if you want! Are you ready?

Treat yourself to a couple of hours to experience the magic of dog sledding. Huskies are strong dogs that thrive best when they have to work hard in the cold.

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In other words, the husky is a perfect companion when you have to guide the sled through wild and beautiful nature. There will be small and short stops to check that both the dogs and those sitting on the sled are doing well. Here you can take the opportunity to take pictures and cuddle with the dogs. Hot drinks and snacks are included in the price.

Age: From 4 years

Time: 3 hours


Adults: NOK 1765

Children from 4 years: NOK 875

Where will you meet:

You meet at FjordHusky at Dalavegen 1628 in Sogndalsdalen or make an agreement directly with the guide at FjordHusky.

Source: Visit Sognefjord AS


FjordHusky half day trip


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