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FjordHusky Winter


Fjord Husky is a company who offers tours with dogsled and carts on the beautiful mountain plateau above Sogndal Skiresort Hodlekve.

Located at Sogndal, Norway. The area offers a variety of mountain ranges, frozen lakes and even a glacier. Since the dogteams at Fjordhusky start at 406 meters above sea-level and go straight up, at multiple locations along the sleddog trails there are amazing views.

1 Hour Tour

Sit back and relax as we take you on an amazing trip up to the mountains. It’s about a 1 hour drive where we climb comfortably up to a max of 980 meters above sealevel. On a beautiful peak we make a stop so you can enjoy the breathtaking view, take pictures and pet the dogs. Very suited for families with smaller children and elderly people. On clear days the view from up there is incredible, you can see all the way to Jotunheimen. Max 4 pers + 2 kids

1250,- NOK per person / Kids 500,-

Half day trip

The tour is about 3 hours. It starts in the dogyard, where you can help harness the dogs. If you just want to see the guide do it for you that’s okay. You can ride along on our passenger sled, enjoying the scenery, and learn all about dog mushing and the area from our experienced guide. Or you can inquire about driving yourself. Try your hand at driving a dogsled! If you want to drive yourself you have to let us know in advance. During the tour we will make a stop so you can spend time with the dogs in the snow and take pictures, and we will have a coffee or tea, and a snack. For the kids there is hot cholocate. This makes for a fun, and safe experience for people of all ages. Overalls (If needed), Hot Drinks and Snacks included! Max 4 pers. + 2 kids

1765,- per person / Kids 750,-

Day trip

On our 6 hour tours, if you want, you can learn to drive and take care of your own dogteam. An experienced guide will be in front to lead the way. If you feel more comfortable sitting down on a passenger sled that is totally okay. We will drive as much as we can in the time we have. Sometimes we manage to reach all the way to Leikanger and back, giving you a full view of the Sognefjord as you come down from the plateau. Snacks, Hot Drinks, Sandwiches and Warm Suits included, This is for the real adventurers! Max capacity 4 pers. Minimum age 14

2995,- per person

Sunset Tour (1 hour)

Take a Sunset ride to a beautiful mountain top nearby. The whole tour takes 1 hour, but you will never forget it. 

1365,- Per person 

Kennel visit (1.5 Hour) 405,- / pp kids (4-10) 250,- NOK

Max cap. 8 people total (kid and adults included!!!)

Source: Visit Sognefjord AS


FjordHusky Winter


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