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Flåm Ferdaminne Holiday Apartments

Flåm Ferdaminne Holiday apartments are beautifully located in the center of Flåm with views of the fjord, mountains and beautiful nature.

Travel to Flåm and experience a Fjord Cruise on the UNESCO Nærøyfjord, RIB tours, kayak tours and the iconic Flåm Railway. In Flåm, you can stay overnight in Flåm Ferdaninne's holiday apartments. The apartment is spacious, has a high standard and is well equipped. The location is perfect with walking distance to everything in Flåm. All apartments have a balcony.

On the ground floor you can visit the local souvenir shop. In connection with the shop, there is a workshop, where glass jewelery is produced using the fusing technique.

Welcome to Flåm and welcome to Flåm Ferdaminne.

Source: Visit Sognefjord AS


Flåm Ferdaminne Holiday Apartments

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